Common Reasons For Divorce

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Common Reasons For Divorce


Common Reasons For Divorce

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Statistics say that one in five marriages ends in the early years of coexistence. Interestingly, the percentage declines after the first decade. What are the most frequent points of conflict and how do you prevent them.

1. Boredom

It is very important to have projects together: travel, children, building a house. It is necessary to generate activities that can be enjoyed as a couple. This point is as important as respecting the moments of privacy. The other must not be suffocated, the balance is fundamental. Many couples are in conflict when their children grow or have achieved their professional goals. Renewing life, projecting the future and inventing new goals allows us to invigorate marriage and always have a topic of conversation.


It is very difficult to rebuild a relationship after you lose confidence. It takes an instant of judgment to assess whether that tempting moment is truly worth it. In the case of men who mostly have sex separated from love, the advice seems to be to assess the risk. While infidelity may not mean love, betrayal is likely to make the wife want a divorce. According to several specialists consulted, in most cases, the infidel ends up desperate after being caught.

In the case of women, Infidelity is rarely isolated, they usually end up falling in love with the lover in question and destroying the marriage.


Sometimes it is difficult to find the time to talk quietly and one often makes the mistake of letting themselves put off talking. When it finally happens, they discover that they are two strangers who have been growing distant for years. Thousands of old pain points often turned into deep resentments that are already impossible to heal. Dialogue is the cornerstone of every thriving relationship, as important as passion, love or attraction. It is a particularly difficult issue for men who often avoid talking about their feelings. They are not accustomed to doing it and the idea overwhelms them.


4.Dying passion

It’s natural over time for passion to die in relationships due to changing chemical responses in the brain. It is highly recommended to take a romantic trip every so often, even just for a weekend to combat this. Have fun, play and talk. Try to spice things up in the bedroom as well with toys etc..


As a last resort sometimes a divorce really is for the best. Make sure to get an attorney that is specialized for either men or women.

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